Sass/css design for new Terms of Service

Our new Terms of Service are now live!

They are based on

Because we tweaked GitHub’s markdown and then generated Hamlet from there, the exact html tags and classes and so on may not match other stuff in our code. And the more we modify the html, the harder it will be to regenerate if we want to update using the Markdown in the future. So, hopefully, the sass design stuff can just work with what’s there without modifying the hamlet[1]

I copied and tweaked a few of the core things from GitHub so that it was at least similarly readable. The exact stuff in terms.sass is just my quick rough good-for-now, not quite following our principles perfectly.

So, while not priority, if design folks want to tweak that further, you now know the context to make sense of it. You could reference the GitHub design further to see what they did and/or adjust to fit our styles a bit more, as long as it’s still focused on what’s comfortable for long-term reading.

  1. and structural changes to the document could be done in the original markdown, that's a whole different thing than just the css, visual design. ↩︎

1 Appreciation

update: I realize that this is all going to have to be adjusted when the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service get moved to the new default layout (they’re currently on the old style with the old navbar and footer etc).

Maybe adjusting the hamlet to the new layout is different enough that it will be harder to maintain the idea of generating the Terms from an easier-to-edit markdown file. But it would be ideal to keep that connection if we can manage (though, incidentally, there’s no similar markdown reference for the Privacy Policy).

  • Side note: quirky minor design bug: “Terms of Service” no longer fits in one line in the footer of the new layout (it used to be called “Terms of Use”). I made an issue for that minor detail.

So, while designers could still tweak the look of the current sass, the finalizing of the sass and page design will mainly be part of moving these pages to the new layout at some point soon.