Roadmap update

We have an updated page at


This update was prompted by OSI feedback and some tensions from @chreekat, discussed by @board, and then reviewed by design folks (@mray, @msiep, and @iko) and then reviewed in recent team meetings. I’m now bringing in a consent process somewhat retroactively since this was already in progress. Feedback is still welcome on any aspect of the page or the items below.


For a summary of our status with more complete details than the proposed About page, we previously only had an unsorted bullet list of all the outstanding overall pre-launch topics.

With the updated page, we have clearer structure and select items marked for our current (and dated) phase of work.

This will help us stay focused and accountable and will make it easier for everyone to understand the path to launching.


  • We will start with the page as is (linked above).
  • We will prioritize achieving the items already marked as current phase.
  • We will consider as we go whether we can add more to current phase.
  • We will continue grooming the GitLab issues including using milestones, so that GitLab can function as our main organizing of work.
  • Where easy, we will add links from the roadmap to GitLab but we will not worry about any 1:1 alignment (the roadmap is a public summary overall not our working tool).

Please add thoughts or edits etc. Then, we’ll do a formal consent agreement for these things.