Returning to the main site ( root domain)

Community Menu Button → (CTRL+Left click to open in a new browser tab)

That’s not obvious enough for me. Possible enhancements:

  • Reduce the menu’s text size. The current (enormous) text size make it take too long to read through till the bottom.
  • Place an icon next to the ‘’ link.
  • Move or copy the ‘’ link elsewhere. Maybe you can center it between the two columns within the menu.
  • Change the link’s label to ‘ Home’
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Note: we discussed up to current status on another topic ending with this quote:

Overall, it’s pretty strange that Discourse itself doesn’t have a common nice way to link back to a main site, since that’s obviously common for all sorts of forums. I added a topic about this at Discourse meta just now:

For reference, are you viewing on mobile or desktop? And does that change this at all?

Do you mean the logo icon?

Good suggestion, that one is easy. DONE!

Okay, I added a more prominent header navigation element to get back to the main site. I used a theme component. If we want to add other nav links there or to customize our link to look better, we could do that.

This reply describes the custom approach as well as theme component ways to do this stuff:

ping @mray — see if you have preferences about customizing this further

This creates strange behavior, at least on mobile. If I scroll down, the header is replaced with a link that takes me to the main site. If I scroll up, I get the standard Discourse header that takes me to the forum’s homepage.

I think having a link in the overflow menu is probably the least bad solution for now…

Weird. That’s not what I would have expected. For now, I changed the link to appear only on desktop view and not mobile view. Both the links to home and to the forum landing page are shown separately in desktop view.

The link in the hamburger menu remains either way.