Resolving concerns to process for consent decisions

Continuing the discussion from Process for consent decisions on the forum:

Here’s a list of changes that I would like to make to the text; feel free to discuss them or propose other changes, as long as the others are likely going to support them.

Remove this.

Remove this.

Replace with “A team member”.

Replace with “All forum users may participate”.

Replace with “Results: Always”. AFAICT even with “Results: Always”, you need to vote before you see the results. The only difference is that you can click on “See results” if you really want to see the results without/before voting.

Replace with “One week later, the secretary will start”.

Replace with “they will propose the next review date”.

Replace with “If you can convince them while the poll is still open, they can still change their vote. If they’re convinced”. (Note that the quotes around “vote” are removed in addition to the gender-neutral language.)

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This section also needs to be changed to gender-neutral language. “They” is okay in this context

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Added the specific changes for this to the initial post. For consistency, I added changes to the section that refers to the secretary.

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could be just “may”

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A consent decision.

Proposal: Edit the process for consent decisions (edited 14 times) according to the changes listed in the first post here (edited 4 times).

There’s no review date: I propose not to review these changes separately. The entire process will be reviewed on 2020-03-23.

  • Objection (explain it in a reply)
  • Consent with Concern (explain it in a reply)
  • Consent

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I edited the post accordingly. (For some reason, discourse sometimes adds empty edits; now it’s edited 16 times instead of 15 times…)

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