Remote coworking weekly routine

Separate from formal meetings, we plan specific times to try to be online and working together. The current weekly coworking schedule is Fridays 1PM Pacific, here’s the next date in automatic time-zone rendering: 2019-09-06T20:00:00Z

We’ll connect via

We may or may not directly collaborate. It might be just everyone doing their own tasks, just working together with some communication, accountability, and mutual support.

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Adding on to this, I’d like to encourage everyone who can make it to show up, even if you’re not planning on working on stuff. For example, maybe @Salt has a bunch of papers to grade, due soon — he can still join the call, say hi, mute/deafen himself, and then grade his papers while the others of us work on Snowdrift (or not, as the case may be).

The main point is to create some social support and motivation / feeling of community to support the people who do have time to work on Snowdrift (but are maybe lacking motivation or focus).

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@wolftune I like this remote coworking idea very much! For me the time it happens is 11pm though, so I’ll probably participate less than I’d like.

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I can do some coworking at an earlier time as well, depending on the day. The initial times where just set as something to try for now. Doing one of them earlier or adding a third time at an earlier hour could be fine…

The current time is 10-11 pm for me. It would be easier for me to make these consistently if they were slightly earlier, especially since I sometimes like to stick around past the end of the hour. @wolftune @msiep Would it be all the same to you if we moved one hour earlier (or even half an hour)?

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Yes, I’m flexible and could do earlier. One hour earlier would be fine with me.

Earlier would be fine for me too. I’ll assume we’re meeting one hour earlier starting today unless I hear otherwise.

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Okay, let’s do that both M & W times

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Updated the top post with the new agreed time for now.

These times are now tracked in the same post as the main meeting.

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