Reminder - Meeting tomorrow (please give notice if unable to attend) and agenda items

Hey @team.

I had two ideas in mind for this post.

  1. I wanted to remind everyone about the meeting and to please make a note/comment if you are unable to attend! (also potentially this might be a good place to let people know if you need to leave early, and we can order the agenda items

  2. This is kind of a test run at one possible format I figured I’d try for preparing advanced agenda items. Especially if you are going to be absent and it would be helpful for something in particular to be discussed (@chreekat?). The other immediate alternative that was proposed was to change the actual etherpad. No reason not to give them both a shot.

Regardless, feel free to post any thoughts about these things or the meeting tomorrow, and hope to see ya’ll there.

Happy new decade to everyone by the way, Let’s make happen in the way we all want! :slight_smile:

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I actually just realized I’m not going to be around tomorrow — I’ll be driving someone to the airport.

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I will most likely not attend (I still might), but I expect to read the meeting notes at some point. So I would like to propose the following two agenda items:

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We had a jam packed meeting this time and weren’t able to get to these agenda items. I’ll make sure they are on there for next week. Thanks again for spending the time and energy!

@photm sorry this is a new process and it was my mistake for not following up on this post sooner - as @salt pointed out though it was already a busy meeting. I have made a point to capture them for next meeting! (we did agree on using the ether pad instead of the forum for advanced topics by the way, though I’m wondering now if that might exclude people who don’t check the pad)

There could, in theory, be a post here as well, linking to the pad. However, I think proposing agenda items makes the most sense from people who actually attend, and these will one way or another find out about the pad.

Yeah I considered this on both sides, and there are constraints with making the pad public for now. The meeting time / location is available and if anyone makes a post about it and proposes a discussion during meeting time then it will get added to the agenda! But more often than not I think people proposing things to be talked about who won’t be at the meeting will want to be a part of the (asynchronous) discussion which will best be on the forum in that case