Reliable notifications for Discourse

I’ve managed to make this work using Discourse’s built-in rss support. I’ve been using Feeder and have it set to check for new posts every 3 hours. So, I get notifications, not in realtime but close enough; it goes down to 15 minute intervals if you want it that fast (I haven’t felt a need), and I’m sure there are web-based aggregators with apps that do push notifications.

There are feeds for just about everything — categories, tags, people, topics… Just take the url, trim the trailing /, and add .rss. At the moment, the forum is low-enough traffic that I just subscribe to all posts, not filtered by category or anything, using this url:


I stand corrected - I got notified for this. So I guess web push is working at the moment, I just haven’t been mentioned in a while!

That’s a cool solution though. I remember a time when I got really into RSS feeds and ended up swamped with stuff just like email. But I’m glad they’re so well supported in Discourse

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