Reduce cooldown minutes for editing flagged posts?

I want to reduce it. I think 10 minutes is a bit long and threatens to censor someone or make them feel discouraged if they were right in the middle of thinking about something. They may just have posted a bit carelessly and are fine with editing and fixing.

The setting is “cooldown minutes after hiding posts” and I’d like to try 5 minutes I’m tempted to turn it off (set to 0). I understand that if people are annoyed about getting flagged, then some cooldown time will result in better edits. But it feels a bit punitive. Could we try without it and give people benefit-of-the-doubt that they’ll do okay right away and give themselves time if needed? We could always add back cooldown time if the reduction doesn’t work out well…

ideal dream: ramp up

Ideally I’d have it ramp up, so start at 0, go to 2 then 5 for each subsequent flagging if the edit is reflagged, but I’m sure that’s a future feature-request and not priority at all.

I think we should keep the delay, but shorten it slightly.

The reason is: the whole process of noticing your post was flagged, checking the message to see which post was flagged and why, and then editing it will take some time. If anybody edits their comment 30 seconds after the flag, it’s almost certainly a non-edit just to un-hide their post (probably because they disagree with the flag). The only other time is when we’re testing the system.

I do agree, though, that 10 minutes feels a bit punitive. How about 4?

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I switched it to 4. I thought I might have to also change some text for the system PM, but I couldn’t find that, so maybe it just updates automatically (which would make sense).