Quick introduction from Erik

Hi folks – I’m Erik, helping out with the interim Snowdrift Board. In my day job I am Principal Project Manager at Freedom of the Press Foundation, which develops the SecureDrop platform for journalists and whistleblowers. Before that I led product/engineering at Wikimedia Foundation for several years.

I have long been a big believer in crowdfunding for open source projects and look forward to seeing Snowdrift develop further :slight_smile:


Welcome! Thank you for helping out so many important parts of the world!

Welcome and thanks indeed on all the other work you do, too. I’m a fan of https://lib.reviews :star_struck: – what a pity to see it stalling lately. :neutral_face:

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kudos on the work you’ve done and welcome here! I’ve appreciated what your insights and perspectives already in the board meetings, and glad to have you around :yay: