Proposed blog post: Our sysadmin (mis)adventures and thanks to OSUOSL

I think a blog post about the OSUOSL move and the back-story behind it would be interesting to a lot of people. It could get good attention. We could reference it when the topic comes up ever. And it would explain a lot of the activity we’ve been doing behind-the-scenes that has little to no public evidence.

Besides describing the move to OSUOSL and thanking them, we should emphasize how sysadmin challenges cost us years of delays:

  • developer (and other volunteer) time spent on sysadmin (instead of someone particularly interested)
  • hosting our own email (crazy, but also crazy that it’s crazy)
  • our building of integrated tools early on to avoid the hassles and downsides of existing tools
  • maybe mention here (though could be separate blog post) the whole adventure with Gitorious through GitLab etc (mentioning newer things like SourceHut existing now etc etc)
  • All framed as a story about the challenges of running a FLO project with FLO tools
  • Acknowledge the question of whether we should have / could have paid for sysadmin services rather than sink valuable dev time into these things
  • The assertion that while we have tons to do still, OSUOSL and solid tools is finally a clear place from which we can do the rest of our work and get launched
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