Proposal: drop burdensome forum-based consent process

Driver: As discussed in our last team meeting (both in the linked topic and below), the current async consent decision process (update: moved link to archive) is not working for us. We need a simpler process to start with and to iterate from there.

Proposal: drop the current process entirely and make important all-team decisions in synchronous meetings; only add new formality if there is a clear need. We should still work with clear driver statements in order to understand the purpose of any proposal.

=== Consent decision ===

@team Are there any objections :gift: / concerns :thinking: to the above? (Let’s take 7 days for this.)

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Note: we plan to have some async process (maybe formal, or not), but it’s too cumbersome to build that process using the current one.

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I missed the meeting but as far as

NEXT STEP (wolftune): Check in with others on 1:1 basis to ask why they didn’t respond to @team mentions

For me it’s almost entirely a software issue. My email is too swamped to expect responsiveness so for responsiveness it basically comes down to my mobile device - and while I have Riot and other communication services set up in the background (and should be quite responsive to @mentions, I can’t seem to get the same with Discourse.

The lack of native mobile app means I have to make a regular, prescribed habit of logging on to the forum each day (some days I don’t use the computer at all!) and due to ADHD keeping such habits has always been a weakness of mine. Realtime notifications are just a vastly better solution for me.

And yet, I can’t seem to get reliable notifications. I have a cheap phone, so perhaps the browser process gets killed in the background, but I’ve set up Web Push notifications several times already for this Discourse… Firefox never offered the prompt, so I had to use Chrome, and I feel like after a few days of getting notifications they silently stopped arriving again.

The Discourse “native app” is actually just a (pretty useless/redundant) Chrome wrapper with all the same issues…

Anyway - any tips would be appreciated. But I feel like that’s a pretty big barrier for my regular engagement on the forum. Though this is not strictly relevant because I’m actually not part of @team, come to think of it!

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No objections or concerns from me.

No objections or concerns from me either.

Not sure if relevant at this point it may have been discussed in meeting but no objections from me. Thinking it would be good to have a specific emoji to denote acknowledgment (or a +1 vote to move forward) that wouldn’t take up space moving. Just contemplating, probably not necessary

The problem is that the retort plugin has this issue of not showing the full list of who reacted

It’s been 7 days, we had decent engagement and no objections.

Looks like we have consent! :partying_face:

The process for forum-based decisions is not going to be kept. We will stick to decisions in meetings with extra effort to check with people who didn’t make the meetings and announcing the decisions on the forum when relevant.

We can consider future changes to decision-making with smaller iterative bits as needed.

I would suggest just deleting it. This is git. If you still think it’s important to have a reference to it, you can link back to an earlier commit that has it.

I suppose so. I don’t object if you want to remove it.