Proposal: Add sociocracy participation to team agreement

Continuing the discussion from Proposed Consent-decision process v2:


Our team agreement mentions keeping agreements, meetings, and communication but isn’t clear about team participation otherwise. Adding participating in consent agreements would make that expectation clearer.


Add this to the section “I agree to”:

  • Participate in sociocracy consent-decision processes on the forum
    • for top team level decisions
    • for any circles that I have a role in

On a side note: the agreement doesn’t directly mention holding roles. So, that implies that someone could join the team and be considered a team-member prior to accepting any roles (and also later if dropping roles before maybe picking up different ones). That seems okay to me, at least for now. The decision to accept a role is itself one of the agreements team-members may make.

Should this link to the document about the process? On the one hand, that’s clearer. But I don’t want it to seem that understanding the process is itself part of the team agreement. If someone accepts that they’ll participate and will learn about the process as they go, that seems fine too. I worry that the link would make the agreement extra noisy.

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