Projects that might be overlapping

  • Platform6
    Platform6 seeks to be a digital platform that connects people who want to help cooperatives with cooperatives that want help. This includes crowdfunding and skill matching.

  • Coop Exchange
    A platform that enables investing in platform cooperatives. Started by a brilliant fellow named Steve Gill that has a successful IT company that he seeks to transform into a cooperative, and who has met the Maltese prime minister regarding the Coop Exchange project.

    A platform cooperative incubator that has 10 participants, each receiving 10 000 $ no strings attached along mentoring.

I met the founders of all of the projects in Open Coop 2018, and plan to be as actively involved as I can (which is possible with the Platform6 and Coop Exchange, less so with the equally brilliant

Platform6 plans to go live this week, and Coop Exchange next month, so they are fairly new. I will mention to the people involved in the two projects about Snowdrift, and if you’re interested try to eventually book a call to discuss collaboration.

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