Problems with crowdmatching + proposing an alternative



What I’m saying is that before you explained, I thought wolftune was saying that “bad at stabbing” automatically was an argument for being “good at cooking”.


Which is not that different from running monthly Kickstarter campaigns, which sounds awful for budgeting. If you’re a registered charity having an underfunded month is going to have severe negative consequences for payroll, tax accounting, and operating expenses.

Not to mention the time, money, and effort spent on marketing and advocacy to make sure you don’t miss a month by going underfunded.

Finally, if you end up doing something right and a lot of people donate, that money never gets to you.

From a project management perspective, preshold has a lot of disincentives.


To be fair to the preshold idea, the suggestion is to make each pledge automatically recurring, so it’s more like running monthly Kickstarter campaigns where you don’t have to do any work to recreate the campaign and everyone from the last campaign is automatically pledged again. So, preshold this way is far more likely to be reliable than actual separate Kickstarter campaigns. Preshold wouldn’t require anywhere near as much recurring marketing efforts as start-from-zero newly-listed campaigns.

That said, the idea that a few patrons drop and suddenly budget goes to zero (because it’s still all-or-nothing) remains in preshold.

And yes, preshold could have far more people join and yet only the opt-in tip-extra patrons would increase the budget (but at least that’s not zero necessarily).

stretch goals in preshold?

Sandra’s suggestion (as I understand it) is to set a new higher stretch threshold… although actually I’m not sure how that would work (would the initial patrons stay refunded at the low level and everyone opt-in to the stretch level such that there’s multiple levels where you get refunded for everything beyond a level but then not refunded if everyone reaches the next tier? That starts to be complex with multiple thresholds…)