Pro-tip: use bookmarking here!

I’ll frame this personally:

I’ve had a not-great habit of focusing on whatever is new or gets my attention particularly at times when I feel overloaded and stressed about everything on my plate. This is classic GTD (Getting Things Done) and other time-management / procrastination related stuff…

Although I want to capture everything in the fewest places (GitLab issues, my personal Task Coach tasks and notes…), I’m using the bookmark :bookmark: tool here in Discourse for things I know I want to follow up on later.

My bookmarked topics/posts are often pending things I am waiting for others to reply to. But overall, it’s just stuff I want to let go of now and not get distracted… but that matters enough that I’m not okay with it just getting ignored forever and falling into the deep archive.

So, here and there, I check on the bookmarked stuff and then either:

  • do something about the item
  • leave it bookmarked to check again later
  • remove the bookmark

For posts that are just super highlights (great posts but nothing to do with them besides appreciate), I may just do something like make a wiki topic of “wolftune’s favorite posts” or something like that which everyone could see publicly.

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