Primary action ("Appreciate") verbiage

In Which reaction should be the primary non-Retort one? we decided on :+1: Appreciate as our primary reaction.

I think the current “Appreciation” is the best header for sorting threads this way. We don’t show that header right now, so it’s only accessible via the link and is not that important.

Elsewhere, we have:

When you hover over the number a post has received
  • Only you → You appreciate this post.
  • Not you → X [person|people] appreciated this post.
  • You and others → You and X other [person|people] appreciated this post.

I think we should to unify the tense. Slight preference for past, since I would prefer not having my action a year ago say I still appreciate that.

When you click on the number
  • Shows avatars followed by “appreciated this”
    • I changed it from “appreciate”, which I found really awkward.

This is tricky, since the text is the same for singular and plural. Options I can think of are:

  • “appreciated this” (current) / “appreciated this post”
    • This is consistent with the hover.
  • “expressed appreciation” / “showed…” / “shared…”
    • This is consistent with the header.
    • I like the framing of “expressed”, but it’s more verbose.
  • The above in present tense, if we go with present elsewhere.
  • “appreciative” / “appreciators” — I don’t like these words, but another word in this vein could work

I think I have a slight preference for the first option, but I’m really not sure and would like others’ opinions.


There’s a bunch of other places around which include things like “Marked appreciation”.

These don’t show up very much, so I vote not to worry about them for now. We can deal with them case-by-case as we run into them.

Overall I do not want to spend much time on this. I already spent too much making this post concise, but hopefully that allows people to give a quick opinion (or not) so we can pick and be done.

1 Appreciation

You should have simply fixed any of these things. You shouldn’t even be asking for opinions. It’s hard to go through all the text customizations and figure out what of similar-named options actually go in what context. There was no intention for inconsistent tense or for the clearly wrong “[avatars] appreciate” versus your better fix.

The point is that when you discover some awkward minor item, just fix it.

This is a case where, in git-speak, we’d want merge-requests that we’d just merge and say “thanks”, not a case where we should open an issue, discuss, waste time further… and if you have merge permission, just push to master and skip the MR for obvious fixes even.


1 Appreciation