Presenting the team publicly

Currently, we have this somewhat dated wiki page: Snowdrift Wiki - Team and there’s a team listing here on the forum: Community Discussions

The former gives a nicer human presentation. The latter links to profiles and activity here.

The new homepage navbar has an About menu link to Team that doesn’t work at the moment (I guess the idea is to have a page on the main site).

There’s also the governance docs (which need work themselves), but that’s not where we’ll present the main public-facing “here’s the team” stuff.

This came up for me because we added a new team member (@h30 !) and I looked into updating the wiki. Among other things, maybe for now the wiki could link to people’s individual forum profiles? But clarity on this design for the future would be good.

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For now I’d stick to the discourse option here. In the long run I can see how we can maintain a dedicated page on the homepage, though. I don’t like to send people to the wiki, especially not for that kind of information.

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Not only clicking the thumb, but also +1’ing in reply. I think that in the future this is information we want on the main site, but for now linking to Discourse makes the most sense.

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Thanks for the replies! So, besides whatever the design ends up being for the main page, I should update the wiki to reflect something about how it’s dated and link to the forum for now.

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I added a note and link and did some wiki cleanup.

Perhaps you and/or @msiep can lead this plan, decide whether to do something about this sooner rather than later (perhaps a GitLab issue for a new team page connected with About)?

Personally, I find the current status of a Team link that goes to the forum group to be jarring and find the team listing there unsatisfying in terms of a nice overview of who we are.