Preparing for deploying main site at OSUOSL

I have spent a couple hours re-familiarizing myself with the deployment. I made some decisions on next steps.


In CI, we currently build the main app on two systems: Ubuntu 16.04 and Ubuntu 14.04. The latter is because that’s what our production system is running. The former is—well, I actually don’t know why we build on that one. :slight_smile:

OSUOSL wants to use Centos as a base OS.

I want to keep using Keter for now, because it is instrumental in allowing seamless push-button deployments.

GitLab CI uses Docker to manage execution environments. We build the Docker images ourselves. There is a document in the protected ops repo.[1]


Drop the Ubuntu 16.04 build.

Build a new Docker image for building on Centos.

Build Keter so OSUOSL can install it on their system.

Coordinate with OSUOSL to configure and run Keter

  1. This document should live in the main repo, I think. ↩︎

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I made progress today. I am quitting for the day now; there is a CI job running that might succeed, and then the MR could be merged. I had to create a new cache for all the Haskell dependencies, so this first build is taking forever. I might still be missing some dependencies in the Centos container… we’ll see!

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I went ahead and merged the next step, building keter for OSUOSL to use:

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The first phase is over. I’m now standing by to help out OSUOSL any way they might need.

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