Potential re-framing: match-rate vs % of goal

Continuing the discussion from Patron based proposal for mechanism 1.1 (instead of $-based goals):

So, we can say it that way. Or we could say “you give [your chosen match rate] per dollar (or per patron), up to $X total at the goal point.”


  • “pledge $100 toward $10,000 goal” becomes “pledge 1-cent per $1”[1]
  • “pledge $100 toward a 1,000 patron goal” becomes “pledge 10-cents per patron”[2]

I’m not sure which framing is better. The two approaches give focus toward different things. One focuses on the goal, the other focuses on the linear rate of growth with the goal as a budget-limit.

I prefer the match-rate focus. Instead of emphasizing an end-point (which may or may not be reached) and my budget cap, the match-rate framing emphasizes my coordination agreement with others and my connection with all the other patrons.

Side-note: the match-rate and budget cap are the two things that must never be changed on patrons without their consent. It’s not as serious a problem for the percent of goal to change on them.

I think this is an open discussion topic and one that we should get experience talking to people and see how different angles are received.

  1. and I know that matching will turn off if the crowd gets to $10,000, which means I won't ever give more than $100 ↩︎

  2. and I know that if we get to 1,000 patrons, matching will turn off, so I won't ever give more than $100 ↩︎

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