Photm introduces himself

Hello folks! I should probably introduce myself at some point.

  • What’s my name? I am photm here (and on IRC sometimes) and shak-mar over at GitLab; my real first name is Michael (but there seem to be so many Michaels here already that I rather called myself photm).

  • How did I find out about No idea :slight_smile:. I’ve known about it for a few years before I started showing up on IRC etc, so I don’t remember.

  • Where am I in the world? I live in Germany (more precisely, bavaria), and my native language is german.

  • What do I like about I think it can give more people access to well-funded software, journalism, educational material, anything that can be shared freely with everyone. I like this because a) this seems to be more efficient, more beautiful, than restricting the usefulness of things just to guarantee their funding, and b) this would help people who wouldn’t otherwise be rich enough to buy access to these sorts of resources, i.e. it helps those who live in poverty (But only to some extent of course, because most of the poor don’t have internet or literacy or time to read).

  • What’s my background/career/passion? I’m currently studying mathematics and have experience in working as a software developer in a self-organized team. I occasionally geek around with OS/language/UI design, but my greatest passion is a spiritual one: Seeking and understanding God (the one that sent Jesus to die so that we wouldn’t need to die) more (and as a result, becoming more honest in the way my day-to-day life and my beliefs align or don’t align), mostly by praying that he would help me with that.

What you might expect from me:

  • Wiki edits, forum posts, …
  • Patches to HTML/CSS/Javascript content/code
  • Patches to Haskell code
  • Maybe patches to Nix code (It seems you either do or intend to use nixops for some things. Do note that I don’t currently use NixOS anymore because they don’t support 32 bit anymore and I don’t want to throw away my laptop – for sentimental reasons or because I’m opposed to polluting the environment just because software becomes more poorly developed, or both)
  • Help with implementing Sociocracy 3.0
  • Help with staying focused on the real priorities
  • My viewpoint in conversations about ethical topics

Hi there Photm!

Welcome and nice to see more people from this hemisphere that even live close to me (I’m from Freiburg) :wave:

Maybe we’ll meet in the call this evening (22:00 our time)… :slight_smile:


Welcome, your enthusiasm is wonderful to have here!

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