Personal unpinning annoying, banners?

I really don’t like how (for example) the About the Blog Posts category post becomes “unpinned” for me after reading it. I feel like it needs to stay at the top even after I read it.

discourse/ at master · discourse/discourse · GitHub discusses this behavior.

I haven’t figured out how to test what it’s like to make this a banner.

I can see how some pinned topics are nice to unpin after reading on a per-user basis, but I really want to be able to set that behavior on a per-post basis. Some posts I want to pin once for everyone, unpin after reading. Some I want always pinned for everyone permanently.

Note that if you visit the topic you can re-pin it (permanently?). Not sure about globally forced pinning.

nope, it just unpins immediately again

Maybe this, in settings?

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Aha! Can we make this not checked by default so that users who want this have to find it and check it? (ping @Salt )

I’d love the option as a moderator to choose whether a post is unpinnable or not. But short of that, I’d rather have more permanent pinning than not if I can’t choose per post.

UPDATE: I found the setting. Unpinning is off by default (individuals can turn it on if they really want it).