Nunito not-really-italics issue ~~closed~~ UPDATE: re-opened

The issue was closed just now darn

In that issue, there’s a link to Riot folks (i.e. the Matrix client) compensating with CSS skew added. @mray thoughts?

As a hack we could test to see how it looks to switch italics with the sister font nunito sans (that misses the rounded edges). i fear that this might still be too subtle, but might just be good enough.

I would have to look into that…

It was re-opened a couple of minutes ago so let’s hold off on that :slight_smile:

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Just noticed, too. A swap with “Nunito Sans” unfortunately brings little contrast into the mix (actually so few that I question why that font exists). Let’s hope for better italics – maybe we have to settle with a better choice in the next style relaunch :wink: