Notes about closing topics (Topic timers are GREAT!)

One of the settings in the admin/mod tools on topics is “Set topic timer”. I encourage mods to use this often, and maybe we should emphasize this in some general mod doc…

We no longer have topics automatically set to close ever. But we want to close topics that are basically done. However, it’s likely enough and positive enough to let people have some follow-up final comments or whatever after something is basically resolved.

So, instead of just closing such topics, mark them with a timer. It can be some decent amount of time after the last comment or just a fixed time. But that gives the ability to get in any final comments. If none come in, we don’t need to revisit the topic, since it will close automatically.

Also, there’s a separate option to send yourself a reminder about a topic! That’s useful in all sorts of cases. That’s a great alternative to a closing-timer.

Once resolved, should we “close” discussions we have started by prepending the thread title with something in square brackets, such as [Closed] , [Solved], [Answered], etc.?

Or should we just let the timer run out?

I moved your question from the welcome category, it’s really about this closing issue.

By default, there was some closing timer on topics, but we have turned that off (but it might be remaining on existing topics unintentionally). From here on, if you see a timer, it’s probably because a moderator marked the topic to be closed already, so you can just ignore it if closing is fine.

Note that you can mark a reply on a topic as a “solution” and the topic will be marked as answered automatically. This is a button under the replies. You’ll see it prominently for topics you started, and behind the … “show more” function otherwise (although not sure if non-mods see that).

The short answer is: we do not have a standard for editing the topic title, we’re using closing and solved functions within Discourse, and that automatically takes care of things.

Do you see any option to close topics that you started? I’m guessing only mods see that function…

Thank you. That is luxurious! I had not noticed the “solution” button.

I do not see a “close” option, apart from that “solution” checkmark button.

EDIT: Ah. I do see the “show more” button now. (It’s the “…”.)
EDIT: I do not have a “solution” button under “show more” for topics I have not started.

I doubt there’s an easy way to give non-mods the ability to close even their own posts then. For reference, mods can mark solutions for posts others start.

Aside from knowing how things work, we can make feature requests for things to work differently if we think it’s really worth it.

On a side note, at some point soon, if you’re up for being a mod, you’re on track to being seen as trustworthy and someone to invite to that staff role if you’re up for it (no rush, and there’s questions about how many mods to have, but if they all really get all the responsibilities for the role, more is probably better than fewer).

Thank you very much. :smile:

My life priority right now is to get a job. After that, I suspect I’ll be more involved with Snowdirft. :snowflake: