Nextcloud for shared calendar

We’ve talked about trying to get some sort of shared calendar for scheduling. I have a Nextcloud instance that I think can do this. @team, whoever wants an account, can you please send me the email address you’d like me to use for it? Via whatever communication channel you would prefer (reply here, private message, email me, irc/matrix, signal etc).

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I need to figure out how to set up the calendar, but the Nextcloud instance is now updated[1] & ready to experiment with. So far only Salt has told me what email he would like to use for his account — so, reminder to do that, if you want an account.

  1. Both to a recent Nextcloud version and, maybe more importantly, with an ssl cert that is not expired :stuck_out_tongue: ↩︎

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So far, I have:

  • Created a snowdrift group.
    • Right now I manually create accounts and add them to the group.
    • In the future, I might add a plugin that allows public signups for anyone with an email, automatically added to the group.
  • Shared all my personal calendars with the snowdrift group, so you can see my schedule.
  • Created a calendar called “Snowdrift shared calendar” and shared it with the group, with edit permissions.

You can:

  • Add events to the shared calendar
  • Create your own calendars and share them with the snowdrift group, or individual team members (eg, if design folks wanted their own, separate calendar).
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Yes please!

sounds cool, I’ve been meaning to check nextcloud out - thanks for hosting!