New crowdmatching summary description

I wrote this for MozFest lightning-talk submission, and I think it’s a great clear statement about crowdmatching for general audiences:

Crowdmatching is a proposed method for funding of public goods based on mutual assurance and democratic principles. Like threshold crowdfunding, donors pledge their giving to be contingent on others giving as well. Instead of all-or-nothing goals and one-time deadlines, crowdmatching is flexible and sustaining. Projects can set goals for monthly funding. Each month, patrons give the same portion of their pledge as the percentage of the project goal that the whole crowd’s pledges together have reached. This way, all pledges are matching offers to the rest of the community.

Crowdmatching fits a human-centered cooperative economy. It doesn’t rely on exclusive access to encourage funding, so it works for uncompromised Free/Libre/Open public goods. It puts power in the hands of the patrons to decide on projects and on the project teams to make good human judgments that will inspire the continued and growing support of their patrons. The same could be said for any traditional membership donation approach, but those don’t achieve the coordination that we need for public goods support to reach a greater scale.

We see crowdmatching as a potential solution for getting all sorts of creative work supported as public goods without paywalls or ads. That includes journalism, software, art, music, research, and more.

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