Name for category for discussions outside concrete work?

Continuing the discussion from "Clearing the Path" category and suggestion for new top-level:

I want to make a top-level category for discussing all snowdrift-relevant things with snowdrift-perspective that are outside the concrete-work of “Clearing The Path”.

Name ideas:

  • Extended discussion
  • Tangential topics
  • Broader issues
  • The broader landscape
  • The big picture
  • Broader discussion

(I’m trying to get the feeling where “Clearing The Path” is the shovelers and support-of-shovelers focusing on project progress vs this new topic as looking around at other paths, at the scenery, looking back at the road we’ve already cleared, etc. — all the other stuff that is still connected and worth discussing from our perspective…)

As mentioned in the topic this is linked from, the idea is to invite discussions of crowdfunding, fundraising, FLO, economics, democracy, power structures, technology, and so on and so on along with any general questions about (the project, history, people, values, concerns…) all with framing (whereas discussing those topics on outside platforms, we wouldn’t constantly reference back to the perspective).

UPDATE: We just made it “General Discussion” for now… I guess that’ll stay until we decide otherwise…

I created a new category and called it “General Discussion”, temporarily.