Mozilla Connections Anyone? Potential for Grants!

So while we are in the process of applying to Mozilla Builders, it is has come to my attention that Mozilla does give out grants on an ongoing basis: we would clearly be most fit under Track II: Mission Partners.

Previous grants are listed here, biggest grant has been 250k to SecureDrop in 2016 and again in 2018

Can be reached out to at, and prospective projects are reviewed monthly.

If you’re working on something closely related to our focus areas and want to discuss a grant, you should raise the topic with the Mozilla contributors closest to you. If you don’t know anyone, then one key criteria for Mozilla grants has yet to be met: To get to know Mozilla.

Each grant made needs a champion inside Mozilla, someone known to our community. How can you find a Mozillian to champion your project?

  1. Get involved. Join our weekly webmaker calls, become a Contributor, or reach out to your local Mozilla community. Introduce yourself and explore how to work together. We’ve created multiple ways to discover what’s going on.
  2. Contribute to the mission. Run an event, fix bugs or fork a code base. Build something amazing. Blog about an open project. Connect new partners. Add value to the web.
  3. Become indispensable. Slowly make it so we all can’t live without you.
  4. Then we’ll sit down for a chat. We’ll explore how additional resources, including funding, can make what you’re doing even more awesome.

So I’ve reached out to one friend who has done some work with Mozilla in the past, and they were going to touch base with folks he thought were interested: it seems our best bet to get funding through them is to have people internal to Mozilla ‘championing’ our project, and the more the merrier!

Anyone else know any active (or former) Mozillians? (or any folks who are pro-Snowdrift and have connections there?

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We have some connections. Incidentally, our Board member @eloquence works on SecureDrop. Otherwise, this is one of those cases where CiviCRM would be helpful, looking forward to that being more usable.

I do actually think this sort of grant would probably make enormous difference for us. Thanks for pushing ahead on these things.

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Hmm… if @eloquence has any insights that would be phenomenal!!

P.S. We finished our application (team effort) to the Mozilla Builders Summer MVP