Moved posts not marked adequately

Continuing the discussion from Sociocracy resources:

See that note above about continuing the discussion? That came from using the reply-as-new-topic function.

What if I forgot to do that and then I or someone else moved the reply instead? Then that never gets inserted, and the move and connection is less obvious! That stinks!

I added a reply to a topic about this at and encourage others to bump that up. EDIT: or this or this

For now, any splitting up by moving probably should have posts edited to indicate the move more boldly. I went and added a new canned-reply to ease this workaround.

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I think a staff notice is more appropriate than a canned reply, in this case. It has a clearer delineation between what we added and what the post’s author said.

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It would be nice (for other reasons too) if staff-notices could have canned items. There’s a meta post about that here

I agree staff notices are even clearer in marking moved posts. But it seems like overkill maybe. Often, it doesn’t need that strong of a notice, just as reply-as-new-topic doesn’t need it that strong, just something at the top.

I suggest for now that we keep both options (edit to add canned-reply or add a staff notice) and use them as seems appropriate. Maybe with experience we’ll find reasons for each or find that one really is preferable.

I think this is the solution:

  1. Start a new reply-as-linked-topic (perhaps quoting some relevant bit that the post-to-move connects to)
  2. Select the “continued from…” part of the draft reply
  3. Cancel the new reply
  4. Move the tangential posts
  5. Paste the “continued from” note either:
    • edit the post to add it to the top
    • in a staff notice

This recreates the situation that would have occurred if the poster had thought to use reply-as-linked-topic in the first place.

FWIW the “continuing the discussion from…” part is nothing special, it is just those words followed by the raw url to the previous topic. The same way discourse does “oneboxing” if you paste a bare link on a new paragraph by itself, a bare link to another forum topic becomes the title of the topic, linked to it as well, and any post references this way gets a link back to the referencing post, too.

That is to say, choosing “reply as linked topic” and copying the snippet may be a relatively foolproof way to get the text, but a faster way it’s just typing it and copy-pasting the url :stuck_out_tongue:

FWIW, I opened requests that relate to making this easier to use along with staff notices:

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