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Continuing the discussion from Idea: Automatically adjusted project goal:

I moved this thread to #support:website. I’m not totally sure that this is the right place to put it, but #shoveling:design felt like the wrong place since the discussion seems to have shifted towards discussing/explaining and away from thinking through a design we are likely to implement.

This relates to outstanding tensions I have about the way we’ve organized the categories on the forum. I’m starting to get an idea of what changes I would like to propose, but they’re still vague in my head… I’ll follow up (much) later (but, less late in the night — I need to get to bed!).

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I see #general as the semi-dumping place for discussion of things we aren’t actually working on. #support:website is (at least long-term) more for direct feedback and thoughts on the live site and use of it.

My inclination is for #general to get sub-categories. We could have discussion of FLO politics, discussion of fundraising and economics in general, etc. And it would all be around ideas anyway. I like prompting and welcoming these distinct concepts. That said, it’s also sensible to send people elsewhere, like the Humane Tech forum for that whole community etc. Maybe we want to just use tags more…

Pretty sure last time this came up, we’d suggested using tags in #general rather than subcategories, at least until we are way more active.

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I moved the topic to #general and added the #crowdmatching tag. I agree with that approach.

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