Monthly donation to Snowdrift stopped working

Crowdmatch events did not occur for me since February. I tried re-entering my payment information, but that did not solve the issue.

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Thanks for the report. This is known. The crowdmatches had previously been run manually, and the person doing them missed March (and then didn’t keep it up after that with March missing). We need to update the software to allow processing of past dates and to make the processing automated. We don’t have anyone currently putting in reliable programming time to fix this, unfortunately. We’re hoping to recruit and get progress back on track soon.

Here are the relevant issues:

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UPDATE: The issue 162, running crowdmatch at specific date, has now been fixed! Thanks to GitLab user shak-mar (update: I now know that’s @photm here)

While we still currently need to run them manually, we now have the ability to run the commands to catch up on the missing crowdmatches and get back on track there. I hope we’ll get to that soon!

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@nosovnikolay Crowdmatches are finally really working again and have been run:

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