Missing reaction: (deep) gratitude


On two posts now — Snowdrift Video - finally and Meetings notes format followup — I’ve wished for a reaction to express gratitude.

Nominally, that’s what “:+1: Appreciate” is for, but it doesn’t feel strong enough:

  • It’s the primary option (used a lot, often just to acknowledge).
  • The :+1: emoji feels too glib for the sentiment I’d like to express.

I’m not quite sure how I’d like to address this.

  • In a void, I’d like to react with “:heart: Appreciate”, but of course that’s taken.
    • Brainstorm of alternatives: “Thank you”, “Gratitude”, “Love”, …
  • “\o/ Yay” felt okay at expressing strength of emotion in the video post.
    Maybe it would be enough to use a more expressive emoji. Ex: Mimi or Eunice with arms outstretched, somewhere between a hurrah and a hug.


I definitely think that “\o/ Yay” is the correct reaction for what you are talking about expressing and also agree that a better emoji would help, specifically a Mimi or Eunice one.


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Another post I’ve wished for a :heart: Crowdmatching implementations, charging up-front?


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