Minor questions about forum usage

First of all I’m really impressed with a lot of things about discourse and the way it’s been utilized for snowdrift. I love it!


One: is there a coherent ‘guide’ to posting/using discourse somewhere specific to Snowdrift.coop? - there are some automated suggestions about making good posts when one begins a post, and feedback with ‘your topic is similar to…’ but as there are many options and some have a greater of understanding of online forum dynamics: for the record I’m not one of those people so just trying to acclimate myself and help pave the way to make it easy for other newer users, etc.

I also found these links which were relatively useful

other small-ish issues:

For updating an avatar image, it’s not clear of size requirements : is it 45 x 45 px by default (I read somewhere max is 120 but not sure if that needs to be customized on the website rather than users). I tried uploading an obviously too large image just to see if it autosized and there’s basically no feedback upon it failing. obviously not a huge issue, however

Also, I haven’t been able to find a place to delete an account as I neglected to realize (until Aaron brought it to my attention) that I have 2 accounts - doh!
I’m surprised this isn’t an option, or am I missing something?

The closest thing would be Welcome to the Snowdrift.coop community forum, which is pinned in this category.

Also, when people sign up, they receive a message from @discobot which is an interactive tutorial to Discourse. It’s mostly the default stuff, but we’ve tweaked a couple things to to be snowdrift-specific (including a link to the post above). Because you joined before we customized it, the message you recieved is not customized (but if you follow the directions, the new messages that show up will be customized, just not the initial one).

There’s also the Code of Conduct and additional posting guidelines, but that’s all linked from the post above so I won’t do it again here.

I don’t know if there is a way to do this yourself, but any of the admins (and maybe the mods, too?) can do it for you.[1]

  1. Note/warning: Discourse has single sign on with the main snowdrift.coop site. We can easily delete the discourse part of your account, but deleting the account on the main site is a bit harder (still possible, just more work; we'd rather wait until we add functionality for people to delete their own accounts than do it manually). So, if we delete your 2nd discourse account, and then you log in to discourse using your 2nd main site account, the discourse account will be re-created :confused: ↩︎

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The max upload size is currently 4 MB, and if the width/height is larger than 120px, it will automatically scale the image to fit. It scales to a set of different sizes, the size used depending on where the avatar is displayed (e.g. profile vs. in quote blocks).

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