Meeting about homepage update

Hi there,

I propose to meet up next monday (15.7.) after the co-working mumble session and discuss what changes to the current homepage should be addressed next. If you want to participate but the timing is bad – we may need to find another day.

Key questions will be roughly revolving around:

  • Who do we want to reach?
  • What needs to change?
  • How should go about it?

I’ll keep notes about what I want to clarify in the meeting in this pad:

Hope to see you on monday!


On my calendar, though I’ll miss the first part of the co-working hour due to a regular conflict that won’t change till the end of this quarter.

So if we meet after the co-working hour you’d not be able to join?


I think there were too many negations / combined sentences and it has produced misunderstanding.

My understanding is that @Salt will be late to Monday’s coworking hour, but will be able to make the meeting afterward. Please correct me if I’m wrong.


Yeah my intuition is that this was missed

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@team let us know if you want to join but can’t make it on monday.

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Doh, you’re right.

@mray I will be there Monday!