Mechanism Versioning

So being able to reference the correct iteration of mechanism (and future proposals) will need more clarity so we can discuss without wondering which version people are talking about:

We decided today while coworking we will use these labels for the already-implemented versions:

The original version as visualized by @david is version 0.1
The version that is currently live on the is version 0.2

Other thoughts welcome here are moving versioning moving forward (previous conversation happened on this gitlab issue

Some of the possible suggestions for the agreed upon version (with a threshold at which crowdmatching stops but the contributions remain - aka no ‘kicking out’):

  • 0.3 or 0.2.1
    (that is the version that we will be working to implement ASAP btw)

I’m no expert on versioning, so good resources on this topic are also encouraged (for me if no one else): was already referenced.

Thanks in advance for participation and perspective for anyone who wants to join the discussion… (continued from earlier with @Salt @smichel17 @iko @adroit @mray)

The hope is that there can be some degree of consensus by wednesday :slight_smile:

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Thank you for summarizing all of this. To respond to the question from the gitlab issue, I am fine with postponing a decision that includes any version numbering of proposals. Additionally, I am glad that most people are aligned on 0.3 and am glad it will come up in the full meeting, rather than just co-working. Excited to have us addressing a tension that I hadn’t realized till last week.

Is there a link to the mechanism summary of 0.3, like formula for 0.1? Thanks for starting this thread. :slight_smile:

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It was definitely a part of the retreat takeaways, and I’m guessing a GitLab issue/epic/whatever was made, but am not certain.

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There is a new repository, dedicated to track versions now. The idea is to have a resource to point to and look up different versions.

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So meta <3

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