Mechanism Quiz – Which one is it?

In the following mechanism video, can you tell if the Project Goal is dollar based or patron based?…

  • dollar based
  • patron based
  • both, they behave identically

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The smoothness is a little hard to tell because it’s rough instead of an accurate presentation. For this to be really accurate (as @Salt might get his student to model), each bubble would pop into view as an entire circle, and the overall bubble would jump by a certain amount per added blue bubble.

In this rough animation, there are frames where the overall circle grows while no new bubble is appearing. If it’s modeled right in the math, then I presume new patrons are showing up anyway but are just hidden. But it still seems too smooth. It should be jumping from point to point.

spoiler to poll, expand only after voting

In crowd-based, the jump I describe above would be steady, all jumps the same size. But it would still be visible as a jump given this small number of patrons for the demonstration.

In dollar-based, the jumps would be uneven, smaller pledges would result in smaller jumps and larger pledges would get larger jumps as the overall circle approaches it’s completion.

You’re right about that particular missing fidelity of course. Any half revealed pledges are an error. But this is a simplified illustration and only shows about 40 patrons to make a point. With a larger number of patrons I could resolve that problem almost completely, but it wouldn’t be easy to read anymore. The error does not change meaning in a relevant manner though.

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Sticking to 40 patrons or less makes sense. I could see just 20 or something. Easier to see the effect with smaller numbers. Nothing wrong with that. It’s better this way than with large numbers that would smooth things out and obscure the effect.

We should get the actual jumps though to see this more clearly. EDIT: I guess the question is whether your goal is to obscure those jumps… because that affects the poll, i.e. what feature(s) the visual is meant to show.

I’ll wait for you to feel satisfied with the poll before we discuss it further…

I don’t think more people will participate in this poll. Closing.
To everybody that did not go for the answer “both”:

Can you please explain how you got to your conclusion? I’m actually very interested in that.

The rate to project goal seemed to grow linearly. With a dollar basis, as a larger patron joins the pool, it would speed up. That said, humans have difficulty perceiving differences in speed at this resolution, also with angles, thus two strikes against accurately judging what is going on here.

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