Manual migrations

@chreekat, Are we going to have any migration system? Or some way to add the citext extension? It just seems a little bit silly to have to handle case-insensitive keys manually in code if it can be done automatically by PostgreSQL (And I suppose we need manual migrations anyway; yesod automatic migrations aren’t a real solution, just a helper).

And in general, what’s your experience with manual migrations? Perhaps there’s some migration system you’d like to try?

A migration system will be needed; that is inevitable. I haven’t had any thoughts beyond that so far.

Just FYI, I don’t expect any adoption of it, but I’ve written a migration system and been using it successfully for my use case :slight_smile: its very basic but totally enough for me and uses a data model to verify the migration (e.g. you can’t remove a table you never added) before running any SQL :slight_smile:

Just for reference in case aliens find us lol:

Maybe sometime I’ll polish it more. I’d love to define the schema on the type level but need to learn how to do this and the type system features.

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