Longer posts versus quantity of posts

From the other thread:

I’d like to think about how to use this forum where we encourage short replies, wait for response, like a slow-motion live conversation
That is not possible for me. Scheduling a couple of hours per month to switch my brain to “crowdfunding game theory”-mode and read & write about it is already expensive enough. Monitoring responses and replying briefly is something that I cannot affort.

The risk of getting sidetracked is different with the two approaches — with longer posts, one might end up wasting time railing against a misunderstood straw doll that the other poster never even intended. With shorter posts, the convo itself may drift instead of addressing the most pressing topics. For example, in the other thread just now, I deleted a long semantics rant about the many meanings of the words “burden” and “reward”, a discussion I definitely would’ve gotten sucked into had the conversation been of the short-posts-back-and-forth type.:heart:

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long vs short posts

As well: The two styles can peacefully coexist (though perhaps not easily within the same topic/thread).