Lishevita (Lisha Sterling) introduces herself

Hi! I’m Lisha Sterling. I’ve just joined the board of directors and this is my introduction to the community.

How did you find out about What brings you to this forum?
It’s been a long time since I first heard of I’m not sure what my first exposure was, to be honest, but it was probably at one of the SeaGL conferences. I’ve been watching from a far, but not getting directly involved, until this past year at SeaGL where I met @wolftune and got to talking about the current state of the 'drift. That led to talking about needs on the board, and here I am now.

What are your overall personal backgrounds, career(s), and/or passions?
I have a very strange combination of interests and professional experience

  • programming (Python, PHP, Javascript, C++, Java, lots of other languages)
  • Linux/Unix systems administration
  • an assortment of topic areas in infosec ranging from the personal (privacy) to the infrastructural (water system security)
  • teaching, coaching, mentoring
  • organizational development (esp nonprofit and cooperative orgs)
    ** I am currently on 3 boards. I usually join on to help get an org through the first stage of figuring out bylaws, governance, applying for corporate status and/or 501c status. Sometimes I stay on to help define specific time delimited goals, make usable plans, and mentor the paid management team so they can Get Stuff Done.
  • management at different levels (team, project, program, org) beyond the typical hierarchical models.
  • International business, International nonprofit cooperation
    ** Helping connect orgs together to do projects that they can’t complete alone.
    ** Decolonizing cooperation through intentional actions. (Nothing about us without us. No saviors. Voice and Choice belongs to affected communities, not professionals “helping”.)
  • Disaster response and preparedness.
    ** Business planning for various emergencies. Planning for all sorts of contingencies. Managing the response.

Where are you in the world?
I am presently located in Walla Walla, Washington in the USA. This is subject to change, as I am a nomad.

What’s your native language?
English is my first language, but I speak Spanish with equal fluency. Hebrew and Portuguese are my next best languages.

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Great to see you here, welcome!