LinuxFestNW Presentation about FLO Hardware

Hey ya’ll, (@team and anyone else)

So relatively last minute but I did get an email from LFNW (cancelled) to put together a video presentation which they would like submitted by ~8th of May by the latest. Here’s the original subject that I was going to present on

How to Turn Ideas Into Open Gear:

This discussion will be focused on information and resources available for developing small scale DIY projects into community designed & supported hardware for all. Topics will include various funding mechanisms from grants, ransoms and VCs to crowdfunding; stages of growth and sustainability; ethics and environmental impact of sourcing and manufacturing; and contextualizing open hardware in the general market.

It was intended to be a panel, and of course is very Snowdrift related (total coincidence) - If anyone has any interest in contributing info, insights or even a brief video if they want to be featured (or know of someone else who would be a good fit) please let me know! It would be great to try to make a livestream panel and then record it but this might be unrealistic given the time frame, etc.

I’ll add more about it on this thread as I make progress but some specific topics I’ll address:

  • context of FLO hardware
    • in this time of crisis with medical shortages of ventilators, PPE, etc
    • issues related to sustainable development (i.e. sourcing, scale and scope of smaller projects such as mine, etc)
    • ecological impact, recyclability
  • differences between FLO and non-FLO hardware/ funding
    • Crowdfunding: Crowdsupply, Snowdrift vs traditional Kickstarter type stuff
    • other funding mechanisms/ business modelsfor hardware vs FLO hardware: bounties, grants, VCC, etc.
      • OSHWA
      • Adafruit
  • Licensing

I’m by no means an expert on this but i’ve done research as it is related to me in trying to get figure out funding for music tech (my own projects included) - which is why is was intended to be a panel.

Any input is greatly appreciated, and of course I want to represent Snowdrift properly in the context :slight_smile:

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