LibrePlanet (online) March 14-15, 2020

I will be presenting at LibrePlanet this year!

This is the FSF’s official conference in Boston, MA.

@smichel17 will also be there and it would be great to do a Birds of a Feather gathering!

Official website:
Event wiki:


I will be presenting also!! Not sure when my session is yet.


Look forward to meeting you @micky!

To attempt to synthesize the points in today’s meeting
These were the focal talking points for Snowdrift at LibrePlanet

Goals: Inspire the concept of better funding (potentially an order of a magnitude better) for project/s that people are working on, and convey the importance of and that we need concrete forms of help (dev in particular)

A generic outline for pitch (TLDR: recruitment & status updates)

  1. Intro to snowdrift / get on board with concept / mechanism
  2. Status update: “We’re very close to live, you can actually pledge with real money but the UX is not great yet. - We have a new design with better UX, the only thing we’re waiting on to announce widely is implementing the design”
  3. Recruitment: “Are you too busy to help out the project on some level?” (rather than “do you have time to help?” which yields more unenthusiastic response - ways for people to support:
  • Join discourse instance and participate in the (online) community (also can jump in to weekly meeting)
  • Contribute - front-end devs especially! but there are lots of other tasks
  • Become a team member! We have a team who will be around to support / actively participate (weekly meetings, discourse, IRC, etc.)

@micky @Salt @smichel17 Gonna tag you all since you’ll be in attendance. (dont forget to have fun :stuck_out_tongue: )

Some talks that seem relevant for those going:

Side note: @Salt is doing this not-quite-so-relevant but fun talk on FLO and bicycles:

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Given the spread of covid19, I’m considering whether I ought to go to Libreplanet (in person; I will definitely still attend remotely). I’ve loved it every year I go, and I’m really looking forward to meeting Mickey in person, but at the same time it feels a little irresponsible. In some ways I’m half-hoping that conference gets postponed or canceled and spares me the decision :laughing:

I’ve been asked by the conference whether my intention is still to go, and at the moment it is, but I’m monitoring the situation closely.

Conference is cancelled in person, it will be online instead. Our blog post:

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Online-only LibrePlanet worked pretty well, especially given the short notice. Several members of the team attended, including myself, @wolftune, and @Salt. Both @Salt and @micky were both able to deliver their talks. Afterwards, we held a small Birds of a Feather “meet-and-greet” over in our irc/matrix rooms.

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Someday… How are you doing? Staying safe is premium these days. Looking forward to meeting in the non-infected future!