LibrePlanet 2022 online March 19-20

I’m speaking on Snowdrift-relevant topic of public goods economics, aiming to solidify a presentation of the ideas brought up in Framing idea for introducing newcomers to concept of public goods - #22 by wolftune

My talk is the final slot on the first day, Saturday the 19th

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I will try to make it!
Can’t wait till this event is back in person.

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My talk had a streaming error, but I was assisted in redoing it so that the full talk is recorded and live now!

MediaGoblin link: Why our economy fails public goods like free software — GNU MediaGoblin

or PeerTube:

The rest of the videos from the conference are also published: and LibrePlanet 2022 videos - Framatube and audio-only RSS mentioned at

And I put up the slides and script in current condition, linked at Snowdrift Wiki - Past Presentations about (I plan to develop this into wiki articles and maybe a more produced video eventually, so this is the first published version)