LFNW Milestone Goals

In recent meetings, we’ve discussed using Linuxfest Northwest (LFNW) – which runs from April 26 - 28, 2019 – as a milestone. This is an initial brainstorm of what things we’d like to have done by then. Feel free to edit this post and add more items to this list, which was made mostly by @wolftune, @Salt, and @smichel17. Then we’ll need to go through the list and pair it down to something reasonable. It has now been organized/categorized:

Tasks we must have done (or else it’s not worth going):

  • Have a table at LFNW with quality booth (eg, a tablecloth with our logo and name on the front)
  • Publish a couple sets of blog posts from wolftune’s backlog
  • Have a real-time (in person at LFNW) snowdrift meeting with as many team members (current and past) just to hang out (not a working meeting) – people who can’t arrive dial in
  • Ops figured out so we’re confident about status of mail server (is mail being recieved/sent?)
  • Run one actual credit card processing (run for snowdrift team members only, bypassing minimum – basically a manual test)
  • Everything for pledging to the snowdrift project is complete (ie, nice UX). Full dashboard, history, etc

Tasks we really should have done:

  • CiviCRM functioning
  • Servers should be able to handle “reddit/hn/slashdot hug of death”
  • Do a legit press release — eg, sent to Techcrunch, HN, reddit, etc
  • Decide on our initial set of projects
  • Talk to projects and get clarity about their requirements
  • Be migrated to gitlab.com

Tasks we would like to have done:

  • A queue of blog posts, so we can regularly release them after that point
  • Updated / consistent marketing materials reflecting our current approach to describing things
  • Governance overhaul should be done, well-communicated
  • Co-op bylaws should be done
  • we have one outside project that is happy with a proposed state of their /p/ page
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In next week’s meeting (2018-12-12), I’d like to groom this list down to something more reasonable (or, prioritized, so we know what order to go in).

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I made a gitlab milestone to track this, so tomorrow when we decide what should be included in the milestone we can start adding issues for it.

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Everything here is public in meeting notes anyway, so I’m going to move this to make it public, too.

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If you’re going to do this and actually charge people, I suggest sending out an email to everyone that is currently pledged. Giving them a heads up as the actual charge they are going to receive is going to be higher than their current fee-based threshold level. Also, you’re going to run into problems with people who signed up in the past and have cancelled their credit cards or for some reason or another their card gets declined.

May I suggest, that, instead of doing a full fledged credit card processing where you take their money, you use stripes Auth and capture feature to confirm that the payment is possible, but then cancel the charge by refunding it.

That will allow us to fully test the system without charging people until they reach their individual commitment levels.

It will also allow us to get a better grasp on just how many supporters we have.

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Ah, I missed a word. We’d run it for team members only (and probably just a few of us at that), which makes it essentially an internal test – just to see if it actually works.

I created the milestone with the intent to discuss / add / update as we go - not sure what we want to associate it with besides more apparent outreach stuff. Not exactly sure what’s realistic to connect it to in terms of goals at this point - but perhaps a starting point would be to try to accomplish some of those unfinished / proposed tasks for 2019 LFNW since not all issues / tasks were completed by then? For example, completion of civicrm, but not sure if that’s even plausible given our transition status to OSU (@salt if you have any thoughts on that?)

Side note: the LFNW 2019 milestone initially stated that all related issues were closed, then when I closed, it showed more issues that weren’t closed, which remained after I reopened. This seems to imply to me that there is some sort of bug, and it was ‘refreshed’ in some way after being closed and opened. If there is a logic behind this behavior feel free to let me know, I did want to bring it to peoples attention one way or another (also worthy to ask - should we close this previous milestone?)
@smichel17 would be great to get your input on this thanks!

Milestones have an open/closed status that is separate from the status of issues assigned to them. #53 should be closed but the other open ones were never finished as far as I’m aware.

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