Latest forum posts without javascript

Opening without javascript makes it hard to see the latest posts of all categories at once. With javascript, the latest posts would be shown directly on that page; without javascript, they are on Community Discussions , but I didn’t find a link to that page anywhere. (In fact, I found that link by searching on the meta discourse forum.)

Is it possible to add that link to the footer on the front page (1st link above)?

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We can look into it.

Incidentally, tells about our forum history. We initially started an integrated discussion system with zero Javascript (since we didn’t like the lack of important features in some older forums like phpBB and didn’t like the JS-heavy modern options). But developing that was a massive distraction from our core mission.

The link to the latest posts is on the main forum landing page with Javascript on. So, it’s already linked. The concern is why it doesn’t show up without JavaScript. I opened a topic at the meta Discourse forum:

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Cool, thanks! I agree that this is certainly something to be fixed upstream, but I didn’t think of asking there, good idea :slight_smile: