JavaScript usage

@chreekat did mention concerns about interaction elements not working great without JavaScript enabled. I’m happy if we can avoid using, but I’m uncertain in how far the UI is restricted to have a fallback solution and how well it needs to work.
I expect people disabeling JS on purpose are asking for “trouble”.

But what kind of trouble exactly?

I block js everywhere by default. My personal opinions:

  • I will be upset if the site requires js to pledge/unpledge or change my limit.
  • I will not be upset if I have to scroll to the top of a page to access the menu or something.
    • I also understand that we need stripe js to handle credit card info, for now.
  • I would prefer not having to reload the page on each button click, but can accept it for alpha.
    • [Unrelated] I’d prefer to just enter my limit in a text box over clicking buttons.

We discussed this in the meeting, and I think that was clarified, but for reference:

The standard we want is that NoScript users never actually hit a wall where they are blocked from achieving a goal. Other than that, it’s acceptable but not ideal for them to have a more mediocre UX.

Beyond that, minimizing JS use is a question of just what coding and implementation and dependencies we want to accept for what benefits.