Jake here! Seeking to make programming better, the FLO way

My life’s goal is to make programming better. Though it may sound odd, it is in my pursuing of this goal that I found Snowdrift. It’s also why I got involved.

I see Haskell as a huge step in the right direction. I searched for open-source Haskell projects, hoping to pick one, give some Haskell contributions :gift: (merge requests), and then be able to reference them on my resume, :scroll: since it’s all open-source (my immediate goal is to get a job, hopefully one involving Haskell).

I chose Snowdrift because it fits that bill :duck: and because it’s unique, will be useful, and lines up with my own goals :clipboard:. It’s not redundant with another project, nor is it just someone’s “pet” project.

Well, Snowdrift has far exceeded my expectations. For one, it’s FLO, which is more than just open-source. And that’s backed up with Snowdrift’s FLO culture. Secondly, I had no idea how hard it would be just to begin – but don’t despair, things are already much better.

My crazy, wild dream is to get funding on Snowdrift to fuel a rich-text, intelligent development environment, complete with formal verification and other features to enhance focus and gamify the experience :sparkles::sparkler:. Moreover, in this environment, one would write programs, not code them. It would take programming up to the standards of a mathematical journal :page_facing_up:.

Basically, have the computer help you as much as possible and be done with silly Jurassic Period :t_rex: problems like file system shenanigans, getting the tooling to work, code injections / escaping, things being able to break other things :zap::tornado:, having to manually propagate a change through the project :man_juggling::women_wrestling::man_cartwheeling:, etc.

And in case you’re interested: I have a double major in Computer Science and Biology :desktop_computer: :frog:.

Thanks for reading! Be sure to introduce yourself if you haven’t already.

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