IRC, Discourse, Git, production pipeline?

Based on what I’ve read so far both on Git and now here on Discourse, am I correct in observing that the procedure we are following is:

  1. Idea/Feature/Bug/Problem discovered.
  2. Find consensus on the course of action to take through discussion on Discourse
  3. Create actionable, detailed issue on Git.
  4. Assign it to someone.
  5. Complete issue. Repeat?

This seems reasonable to me. With IRC being more for coordination/problem-solving/informal discussion.

Am I close?

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That’s also how I understand it. (edit: For this particular issue, step 2 has mostly already happened in informal discussion in irc, meetings, etc). I’ve taken step 3 here.

I suppose I should add: discussion here on Discourse is not a required part of this pipeline. It’s more like, “If this is something you want to discuss or get consensus on, do that on discourse.”

As a contrived example, if I were working on requirements for projects who want to get funded through us, I wouldn’t start a topic to discuss whether “Is fully FLO” should be a requirement; I’d just include it.

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That detail is wrong (but probably just a thinko). Correction: on (which runs GitLab CE)