Individualized support: What we offer and how we communicate that we offer it

Some kinds of support require individual attention, e.g. account-specific problems, and people sometimes want to give feedback privately. At Contact | under “Email” we currently say:

Although the forum is generally best and has private-message features too, you may email us at for support, general questions, privacy concerns etc.

However, the Feedback & Support section of does not mention the options of private messages or email. It would be good to clarify what we want to offer in the way of individualized support and communication, and to consistently communicate it in all relevant places, which at least includes Contact | and the forum Feedback & Support sections.

I’m not sure whether “” is the best email alias here. It almost seems self-contradictory since communicating via email is for when people want help without having to participate in the community.

How about having two email aliases, and And how about the following text to replace the text quoted above, and for use in the Feedback & Support forum “about” posts too?

Need private support, or want to give feedback privately? You can either use the private message features at or email us at or

Thoughts? Any other places we should communicate this too?

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