Individual/collective accountability / agreements for team members

I think this is implied by the nature of agreeing to respond to

If you agree to respond to that, I don’t think that needs to be explicitly addressed that if you don’t want that to be your preferred contact method, you need to update it. I think avoiding adding unncessary details is pretty important: the longer the agreement, the scarier/more dramatic it will be to consent to it

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In regards to this, I don’t know it needs to be explicit. Again I agree with @salt to keep it less wordy in general, and this may be more of a case by case basis, a more human-to-human situation as it arises (and if it comes up as an issue after these agreements, then we can always add it in after the fact)


Okay, so I don’t mean that every detail has to be in this statement, but we need a single-starting-point documentation that includes things like a link to the preferred-contact post etc.

Maybe this statement doesn’t need to link to further documentation, but being a team member involves the other stuff. And someone joining the team should be able to review what is involved in being on the team.


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