Individual/collective accountability / agreements for team members

So here’s my attempt to put this into a driver statement: Please give feedback or make improvements/suggestions! Good practice for sociocracy 3.0 usage, even if you want to only make slight modifications :slight_smile:

[current situation]: Communication and momentum is currently inconsistent and unpredictable
[effect]: Lack of motivation and relative stagnation of development
[needs]: We need clearer commitments/agreements from everyone on the team so there is more accountability for work that needs to be done (especially blocking tasks)
[impact]: Better motivation and accountability individually and collectively which should lead to greater productivity overall

For reference, a basic version of such an agreement would be attending meetings or expressing condolences when absent, etc.

I know I personally haven’t been as accountable as I could be in meeting attendance, involvement, etc., and I want to do better in this regard! - hopefully something like this will help the project push forward which I know is a goal we all share. Let me know what ya’ll think @team

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Related issue in GitLab:

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I think we also need to acknowledge that a most blocking tasks seem to be related to a role that isn’t filled. Otherwise I agree with the notion and feel guilty of not serving as a good example in that regard lately :confused:


Yes indeed. Part of this is about clearer expectations among the existing team. But the main goal is to have clear expectations as we do outreach to recruit people for the unfilled roles.

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Driver statement updates from me, longer but more complete:

[current situation]: Team communication and momentum is inconsistent and unpredictable. Some team members seem inactive. We don’t have clarity about what commitments and agreements are expected of either continuing team members or potential new volunteers.
[effect]: We’re not reaching our potential, and it’s not clear who is going to do what to get back to better forward momentum.
[needs]: We need clearer expectations and accountability from everyone. Better to have clear but reduced commitment from someone than to have expectations that are repeatedly not met.
[impact]: Clearer and realistic written commitments, agreements, and expectations will increase everyone’s motivation and will enhance trust and mutual support.

I’m not thrilled with the extra wordiness, but I wanted to get across some other language about the significance here.

I’d like to settle on some good enough wording soon so that we can then refer to the statement as we flesh out the relevant agreement documents.

Note that this should probably be modeled on our Code of Conduct. I.e. that is formed as a pledge of “I will” statements about respectful engagement. We could do similar for stating team commitments. Perhaps even some flexibility where people can check which commitments they feel they can make and stick to, which may vary.