In which odnes introduces himself

So, I’ve kept an eye on your IRC for a year now, just discovered all the action is on the Matrix channel. Nvm, in any case, if I was disposed to contribute anything at all I probably would have started with the irc-matrix bridge issue i’ve noticed languishing in the tracker.

A year back, I’d also gotten the snowdrift app to run, and I found it surprisingly painless. Either the dependencies are frozen, or Haskell does something right with it’s package management.

I’d also bitten the bullet and decided that, soon as I had the time, I’d try to learn haskell just to help this project move forward. I figured, I’m too inexperienced to rebuild the platform from scratch (the weird stack to me seemed an obvious reason why this project looked so quiet), but I might be able to gradually get familiar with what’s already there.

All these now obsolete musings notwithstanding, I’m now very heartened to read about the stack migration plan and see all the good work by smitchel to spec the backend (and hear about the other invisible legal stuff as well).

I’ve been up to some dreary stuff for a while now, and I’m a bit disoriented. I figure, if there’s ever a chance of finding motivation to code other than for making ends meet, that would be for a project and with a crowd so closely aligned with my values.

So hello people! I’m Odysseus, potential new contributor in whatever manner I find energizing. My compliments and thanks for all the amazing stuff you’ve achieved so far.

I figure I’ll sit quietly in the corner during your next meeting, see what you are up to.

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Welcome again, and thanks for joining the meeting!

Here are some of the technologies that were brought up:

  • Payload - the newly-libre headless CMS that uses Node and TypeScript
  • Stripe’s API
  • Elm - purely functional language I’m writing the replacement frontend with, drastically simpler and more readable than Haskell despite sharing the same safety features
  • CiviCRM, a server app for nonprofits to track their constituents

Oh and also there’s OSU’s OSL.

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Yeah, unfortunately there’s a “bug” where the irc bridge kicks idle matrix users from the channel — Avoid kicking idle Matrix users in Matrix-first (plumbed) rooms · Issue #1268 · matrix-org/matrix-appservice-irc · GitHub — and some of our busier team members (e.g. @msiep, @alignwaivers) were getting kicked even though they were regularly reading messages (particularly meeting pings). So we disconnected our irc and matrix rooms.

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